Solving Humanitarian Problems Worldwide

MOBILIZING global resources and expertise, knowledge and creativity

DEVELOPING self-reliant models

ORGANIZING sharable processes and activities

PARTNERING through social entrepreneurs and humanitarian organizations

Find us at the next American Chemical Society Meeting!

From August 25-29th of this year, we will be showcasing our organization’s most recent work regarding global water issues at the American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego, California.

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Book published from Chemists Without Borders's Symposium at 2016 Fall American Chemical Society Meeting

Our symposium at the American Chemical Society Meeting in Philadelphia was a great success. The ACS has published a 2-volume eBook they asked us to write that expands on symposium discussions and informs readers of current work applying chemistry to benefit underrepresented communities. Hardbound copies of either of the two volumes are also available.

Preview Volume 1; Preview Volume 2

We were also selected for one of the "Quotes of the Year" by Chemical & Engineering News: