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Chemists Without Borders


A chapter brings Chemists Without Borders to your local community.

Chapters can exist within universities, schools, companies, etc., and can exist in any region of the world. Chapters are extensions of Chemists Without Borders mission and vision. Chapter activities should include participation in local projects to benefit its community.

Chemists Without Borders also utilities Chemistry Clubs for assistance with active project activities.

Existing regional member meetings

  • (San Francisco) Bay Area (BAMM)
  • Los Angeles interest
  • New York City interest


Organize a regional meeting near you! Download our Regional Member Meeting Kit (zip) to get started.

College and University Chapters

  • University of California - Santa Barbara, California, USA FB page-- Webpage
  • Thompson River University, Kamloops, BC, Canada FB page
  • Chemistry Clubs active

Organizing a College or University Chapter:

Successful Chemists Without Borders chapters share basic characteristics: enthusiasm, strong student leadership, support from the chemistry department, strong faculty mentorship, and access to fund-raising. Once you have done some preliminary organization to see if those could be in place at your institution, you are ready to begin.

  1. Provide the Chemists Without Borders This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.., with your name, location of potential new chapter, and full mailing address.  Chemists Without Borders will provide you an informational packet.

  2. After reading all Chemists Without Borders information, begin to raise support on campus.  Use the brochures and other materials available in your packet to raise awareness.

  3. Hold the first chapter meetings, elect officers, designate a faculty advisor and send in the chapter contact information form. Once Chemists Without Borders acknowledges receipt of your chapter contact form, your chapter is an official "developing" chapter.

  4. Submit your chapter agreement form to the University and secure official university club status. Be prepared, because this can take a long time to be approved by your university. It is common for administration to have questions or concerns about the Chemists Without Borders mission and agreement document. Chemists Without Borders staff routinely works with university staff to facilitate the process.

  5. Once the chapter agreement has been signed by both the University and Chemists Without Borders, your chapter is officially established and members may travel on approved projects.


Chemistry Clubs

Chemists Without Borders will establish a relationship with an existing Chemistry Club for ongoing project activities, such as validation, hands-on testing, and community outreach.

Chemists Without Borders and ACS section educates High School Chemistry Club