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Chemists Without Borders

Get Involved

Chemists Without Borders invites you to join our nonprofit humanitarian organization as an active or passive volunteer, to participate in a local chapter, or to partner with us.

We strive to develop social enterprise leaders as well as enhance life experiences among volunteers and the public. Together, we will grow in knowledge and expertise to improve living and working conditions around the world. There are 660+ volunteers in over 52 countries; join us and add value to our global organization.

We value your knowledge, expertise and moral support. We would also greatly appreciate any donation you might be able to make. Although none of what we hope to do is without cost, we have no paid staff. Even as little as the cost of a cup of coffee would help fund our projects.


About Volunteering

Chemists Without Borders can always use some help. Whether you have a few hours each week, a few days each year or are able to devote considerably more time (up to 20 hours each week), we can use your help.

None of our staff or volunteers is paid; each of our positions is a volunteer position, that includes our officers, directors and project managers and everyone else. We may be able to cover some expenses. Our volunteers usually work from their home or place of business. We trust that all volunteers  believe in our mission, are willing to commit to the cause and most importantly add value to the organization.

What could I do?

  • If you have a little time

  1. Find interesting and relevant news, scientific, or other items and add it to our blog and Facebook page. Teach us all about your interests.
  2. Organize an informal get-together (face-to-face or virtual) with others. 
  3. Think about projects that "someone" should do. Get the ball rolling by talking to an officer.
  4. Write one article for the newsletter.
  • If you have a block of time

  1. Contact a project manager to see if they could use your concerted efforts for a few days. For example, help with editing the lab manual for Sierra Leone.
  2. Develop a public outreach demonstration that could be used in a school.
  • If you can expend considerable effort

  1. Think about offering to participate on a project.
  2. Become an officer's assistant.
  3. Consider taking on the position of Board Director, Chief Operating Officer, or Project Manager. These positions require someone with considerable expertise. Contact a current officer for more information.
  • Develop your own project

  1. A fund-raising effort
  2. Initiate a discussion to develop a major project.

How do I proceed?

  1. Participate in the twice-monthly conference calls. Each of our projects arose from these calls.
  2. Initiate discussion on the blog, Facebook or elsewhere to gather an interested team.
  3. For more ideas, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our team members directly.